Samonas Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a listening programme using high frequency music for beneficially recharging the cortex of the brain. The effect upon the person is one of vitalising, harmonising and healing in most every area of being.


Learning Disabilities Dyslexia Speech & Language Problems
Downs Syndrome Cerebral Palsy Hyper-auditory Sensitivity
Hearing Loss Reduce Sound Sensitivity Better Focus & Concentration
Stress Fatigue Insomnia
Stuttering Stammering Tinnitus
Improved Short-term Memory


Sound Therapy is a process of therapeutic music that provides direct stimulation to the entire central nervous system. Sound Therapy teaches an individual to listen and trains the auditory system so that the full range of sound can be processed without distortion, hypersensitivity or frequency loss. This auditory training aids in the processing of language while eliminating the distractions of ambient sound.

Hearing and sound related problems comprise one of the most universal areas of concern for special needs children. Problems in this area include: hypersensitive hearing, which can be seen in children ranging from brain injury to the gifted; varying degrees of hearing loss and auditory processing problems, which affect almost all special needs children. Common cause for these problems range from ear infections and trauma to noise pollution.

How does sound stimulation work?

Sound stimulation works by alternately stimulating and relaxing the tendons and muscles of the middle ear, effectively giving them a “work out”. The auditory area of the cortex is stimulated and via complex neural connections spreads through the remainder of the nervous system.

How does it affect the brain?

Samonas Sound TherapyNeurologists have shown that there is a complex link between hearing, brain and body and this is how Sound Therapy works on the whole being. By stimulating the ear, many other facets of our being are affected, e.g. the balance mechanism, the emotions and posture.

Neuro scientists have confirmed that neurons of the cerebral cortex can be regenerated through sound stimulation, thus it can help to make our brain more efficient and alter the way we perceive things. It is these effects that Sound Therapy works through.

The effective part of Sound Therapy

With Sound Therapy, high tones provide the information on direction and distance of a sound. Physicists say that the detailed information of a sound is contained in the high tones, and most particularly in the overtones. This is where we encounter the phenomenon of spatial awareness and the psychological component of liking, a sense of well-being or of aversion. It is the ear which gives us this vital capacity.

Thus the perception of high tones is of great importance for humans, and nature, with her thrifty house-keeping has also ordained that these high tones simultaneously give the body energy. If something is important for the body it will strengthen it.

The significance of the high sounds has changed enormously over the last centuries, instead of receiving the informative and vital sounds of nature, our ear is bombarded with noise of machines and electrical equipment. Sounds continually compete for our attention. Is is no wonder then that we are suffering a wave of poor hearing and so-called deafness in old age. Our ear is under pressure but so too is our subconsciousness, we escape by shutting ourselves off and withdrawing.

Natural sounds contain important elements of spatial depth and structure and are relevant for our acoustic orientation and for creating our mental concepts of distance. This valuable information which provides us with knowledge of where we are in space, is absent in synthetic sounds. Special processing techniques complement this new inclusive concept.

Sound Therapy helps to relax and calm oneself. After listening for some time the brain remembers this effect, so that at the times of stress it is possible to react in a more relaxed way. These CDs and tapes, proved useful in the treatment of Tinnitus and stress management – at home, work and in education. Its application in education has been successful. When the brain is relaxed it improves the effectiveness of learning and improves the memory. Relaxed learning means successful learning.

Can both Children and Adults benefit?

Experience has shown that children and adults can benefit from listening to the CDs and tapes. The applications are diverse and the benefits far reaching, but the effects of the treatment vary with symptoms and individual constitutions. There can be no hard and fast guarantees of outcome. It must be remembered that each person is unique and will react in a different way.

Sound Therapy is initially a massage of the auditory muscles. Specially filtered sound reorganise the ear and enable us to listen correctly. At the same time a basis for further harmonisation of the psyche is found. If everything is conducive – both environmentally and psychologically – Sound Therapy can have a profound and extensive influence on our life (our lives OR one’s life).